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Vendor Registration

CRGG Scrap’s vendor registration process guarantees compliance with state and local scrap metal laws. When required, vendor information can be retrieved instantaneously.

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Following the completion of a sale, CRGG Scrap will automatically generate a ticket for the vendor containing the information of the transaction and store the information for your records.

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Photographing Materials

In addition to creating written records, CRGG Scrap has the functionality to photograph metals while on the scale, ensuring a visual record is kept of all materials.

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Security and Privacy

All records generated through the software’s use remains under the control of the user after purchase. CRGG Scrap maintains its security by utilizing the latest encryption technology available

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Weighing Materials

Effortlessly generate and record the weight of your metals with accuracy and reliability, ensuring that a fair and profitable price is calculated and all material weights are filed away for your accounting and inventory needs.

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CRGG Scrap eliminates the need to use outside reporting software. Using its own database of records provided by the user, the software is able to generate extensive reports that accurately detail the financial and accounting aspects of a scrap metal yard.


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Services provided encompass the automation of menial tasks, scrap metal law compliance, and digital image and weight capture among others. Any hardware installation requirements incurred by the purchase of CRGG Scrap software will be handled by our team. This includes:
  • • Cameras
  • • Computer
  • • Cable installation
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